Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Noodle Sprinkler

Family Fun magazine's latest issue had instructions for making a sprinkler out of a pool noodle. It was super easy, and Landon had a blast with it. If I were to make another one, though, I think I'd spread the holes out more; right now I have them about 3 inches apart. If there were less holes, the water might shoot up higher out of them.

Speaking of Family Fun, it's a great resource for all kinds of fun activities to do with your kids, especially seasonal ones. I got my subscription free (I think it was a bonus that came with an order I placed on, but I plan to renew it when my free one ends. It looks like a 10-issue subscription costs about 10 dollars.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Summer Fair

Landon has been looking forward to the fair for an entire year. We kept telling him that in the summer--when it was hot--it would be time for the fair. He was so happy that fair day had finally arrived today. This morning he asked me, "Is it hot for the fair?"

He had a blast today. He ate fries, funnel cake, and other fair food, checked out the petting zoo, and rode plenty of rides (some with Daddy and some by himself). He's already looking forward to next year's fair.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Critter Construction Book--Free Resource (Today Only!)

Freebie of the Day is offering a great resource for little ones today: The Critter Construction Book. It's completely free, but it's available today (8/4) only. Here's the description from the site:

This little book was originally produced by the author and her son for a group of preschool HeadStart children and was designed specifically so the kids could cut out a set of basic shapes and then create the “critters” herein with their parents. New designs have been added to the originals over the years until now there is an entire menagerie of critters to create. See if your little ones can put together the ones here… and perhaps create some new ones on their own!

Visit to download your copy!