Thursday, April 17, 2008

A tour of some of Landon's favorite things

Today we have the nicest weather so far this spring. We were supposed to be hosting playgroup at our house, but no one showed today. But since I had the backyard all set up for outdoor play, and we had plenty of time carved out for playing, Landon and I spent a good part of the morning outside. One thing we did was take a walk around the parking lot adjacent to our house. Here is are photos of some of his favorite things to see on our walks:

First off, we have the church bus. Landon loves to look at the bus. We hear, "Go see da blue bus?" a lot.

"And what's that he's holding?" you say? It's his flag hat, of course! Grandma and Papa bought that for him last week. It lights up even. The reason that they bought it is that Landon is American flag-obsessed. When we drive, he points out each one: "American flag! 'Nother American flag. Diff-ent American flag! More flag?" Actually, I think that Landon picked out the hat himself. Quite the treasure, isn't it?

This red trailer is next to the blue bus. Usually Landon doesn't care much about it, but today he was very interested in it.

Usually there's a dog that we look at when we walk, but today we skipped that part and went straight for the stop sign at the back of the parking lot.

Today Landon even had a hug for the stop sign. He wanted to kiss it, too, but I stopped that one. He also wanted to hug a passing van and some trash. I had to say no to both of those requests, too.

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