Sunday, November 23, 2008

Craft co-op

A few months back, I got connected with an Oriental Trading craft co-op. Most Oriental Trading craft kits come in sets of 12. They're reasonably priced, but who needs 12 of the same craft? So each participant in our co-op paid for 1/12 of each 12-pack craft kit, then we each received one of each craft. Because of this, Landon and I have had a ton of fall and Thanksgiving crafts to work on. Of course, I haven't gotten photos of a single one yet, but we have done lots of sticker sheets, assembled a felt turkey, made a foam turkey coaster, decorated a leaf with rhinestones, made a squirrel magnet, and more. Pretty soon we'll start in on the Christmas crafts. If you're looking for seasonal craft kits at a reasonable price, perhaps you can round up 11 friends to participate in a craft co-op of your own.

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