Tuesday, June 2, 2009

It's pool season!

It was hot here this morning, so we filled up the pool to use after naptime. Unfortunately, by that time it had cooled off a lot and was about to storm, but Landon still got in some playtime. He was too busy shooting hoops to smile nicely for a picture, though.

Here's Simon trying out his infant cabana for the first time. It's designed to keep UV rays off of baby. It's not huge; something much bigger than the bouncy seat wouldn't fit inside, but it's plenty big for a little baby. And folds up compactly into a backpack carrying case. They do make a larger family-sized one, but since we live nowhere near the beach, I didn't figure we needed one that big.

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Hannah said...

Yay for pool play! If we could get the hot weather to stay around here, we'd set ours up too!