Saturday, July 25, 2009

Vacation Bible School

Yesterday we finished up our week of Vacation Bible School at church. This was Landon's first year in the preschool class. The preschoolers joined the big kids for singing during the opening and closing each night, and then with their own group they watched little movies, made crafts, ate snacks, and heard Bible stories. They even got to make the snacks for the entire VBS crowd one night; Landon wasn't too interested in helping with that, though. In fact, he spent a lot of time this week just watching what was going on (for example, he and several of the other preschoolers chose to sit and watch during last night's closing program instead of going up on stage to sing with the other kids), but he came home with several completed craft projects each night, learned several new songs that he enjoys singing, and had a fun time with his friends.

Our theme was Crocodile Dock. At the kickoff carnival last Sunday, he made a crocodile mouth cookie. It has pink icing on the bottom cookie, green on the top one, and four mini marshmallow "teeth" between the two cookies.

The preschoolers went to the crafts station every day, where they got to make the same projects as the big kids. They also did some coloring sheets and stickers there, plus they did an art project in their classroom each night.

Landon had a great time at VBS this week! Several times today he's asked why we're not going again tonight. I'm glad he had so much fun!

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