Sunday, July 27, 2008

"It look like Spot Windy Day."

Remember this kite that Landon made a couple of months ago? It's still getting good use; I just took this picture this afternoon. He loves to swing and pull it around like he's flying a kite. He usually says, "It look like Spot Windy Day."

Spot's Windy Day is a collection of three Spot stories by Eric Hill that we checked out of the library a month or two ago. The title story is about Spot's kite getting stuck in a tree. After Spot helps Mr. Kangaroo find his hat, Mr. Kangaroo returns the favor by getting the kite out of the tree.

The book went back to the library weeks ago, but since Landon liked it so much, I considered buying a copy. It seems that version is out of print, but I'm thinking about getting Spot's Giant Treasury instead. It contains all of the stories that are in Spot's Windy Day, plus many, many more. Several of the stories are seasonal in nature, which you know I'm fond of. For example, one of the other stories we read in Spot's Windy Day is about a day spent playing in the snow. The online table of contents also shows stories about seasonal topics like picnics, fairs, and swimming. And, the entire treasury is less than $9 on Amazon! I'm definitely keeping this book in mind for the next time I'm looking for a special treat for Landon.

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