Friday, August 8, 2008

Wild man Landon at the fair!

Well, it turns out that Landon's a crazy man when it comes to carnival rides. He had a blast! We started off pretty easy, riding the carousel, train, and big slide with Mommy or Daddy. Then he spotted the kiddie rollercoaster, and he really wanted to ride it. However, parents can't ride that one, and the only thing that holds the kids in place is a chain. We just didn't trust him to stay seated by himself, so we said no. Instead, we did the spinning bears, the flying elephants, and the fun house.

Next on the list was the race cars. We had purchased Landon a bracelet, so he could do unlimited rides, and they let a parent ride with little kids without purchasing another bracelet. However, the race car operator was going to charge Tony three tickets in order to ride with Landon. This one looked safer than the roller coaster, so we let Landon try it on his own. He did GREAT, and he had a blast on it.

After that, we started rethinking our decision not to let him ride the rollercoaster. Fortunately, we ran into some people from church, and their older son agreed to sit with Landon on the ride. That made us feel a lot more comfortable, and I'm so glad that Landon got to ride it, because he really did love it. (I think Mason liked it too; he had Landon sit by him on the train ride after that.)

We did a few more rides, stopped by the petting zoo, ate too much fried food, and headed home! I didn't use to care too much about the fair, but it's a lot more fun with a delighted two-year-old. He had so much fun that I wish we could take him more than once a year. (But on the other hand, if we went more often, I think we'd be broke!)

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Anonymous said...

Meaghan, Looks like Landon had a great time. I especially like the picture in the race car. He's so cute.

Mary Tremblay
(Chrissy"s mom)