Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Good, cheap fun

Landon found an old squirt bottle lying around today, so he picked it up and said, "That yours?"

I said, "Yeah, it's mine, but I don't use it."

To which he replied, "That mine?" So I cleaned it out and filled it up with water for him to squirt. This entertained him for a looong time.

It's a good outdoor summer activity, but it would make a good rainy day activity too. Landon found the bottle while I was cleaning the bathroom, so for a long while, he stood in the shower and squirted it around. (Of course, the shower floor will get wet, so please be careful your child doesn't slip.)

1 comment:

glitzen said...

cute picture of your little guy. isn't it so cool how children can be entertained by so little? I used to love to "paint" when I was a toddler. Mom just gave me water and a paintbrush, outside. Fun!