Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter and Spring projects

Here are two projects we did the week before Easter.

Painted egg project that we did over several days' time, adding one color each day:

Here is our colored paper/contact paper Easter egg project:

More information on both these projects is available in the Crafts section of the Toddler Celebrations Easter page.

Now that Easter's over, it's time for Spring projects.

This week at playgroup, Landon colored a picture of an umbrella, then added blue paint raindrops to the picture:

I made Landon a bird's nest out of an oatmeal can and bluebirds out of clothespins. We talked about how birds live in nests and looked at pictures of them. Then I showed him how to drop the clothespin birds into their nest. He also likes to shake the nest, so the birds fly out.

Learn how I made the nest game in the Activities section of the Toddler Celebrations Spring page.

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