Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter pictures

Landon had a good Easter. Here are some pictures from yesterday's celebrations.

He particularly enjoyed seeing the eggs he'd dyed in his basket. In this picture, he's probably pretending to taste the egg and saying, "Like it." He did that several times.

Here he is with his basket. He got a set of cds of kids' songs, bubbles, 2 Sesame Street DVDs, Sesame Street stickers, apple juice boxes, crayons, and his dyed eggs, of course.

How handsome is he in his suit!?:)

At church we worked on coloring flowerpots. He only made about two marks on his, though, so we finished it together at home this evening.

Grandma and Papa came over for lunch.

Landon did a fabulous job of hunting for eggs. He knew just what he was doing. Our "practice" on Saturday really did the trick. Inside the eggs were Goldfish, dried fruit, Cheerios, or fruit snacks.

We hope you had a blessed Easter, too!

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