Saturday, March 22, 2008

Easter is upon us!

Tomorrow is Easter, and we've been busy celebrating this week. On Tuesday, we had a little Easter party at playgroup, and Landon and I brought chick-shaped graham crackers to share.

Yesterday we dyed eggs. Landon would help us place the eggs into the dye. His favorite part, though, was playing with his own mug of water and a spoon while he waited for the eggs to be ready. He stirred it and tasted it and said it was, "'Liscous" (delicious). Today if you ask him what he did with the eggs, he says, "Made art," or, "Made that."

This morning, we did some playing with plastic eggs: comparing sizes, sorting colors, etc. I "hid" some of them for him to find, too.

What else have we been doing? We've been working on a collage of Easter stickers, we made an egg with clear contact paper and colored paper scraps, and he's been coloring a bunny picture. We have a big painted egg work-in-progress. When it's finally done, I'll post a picture.

Happy Easter!

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