Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fire Station Open House

We had a pretty good time at the fire station event on Saturday. I expected Landon to enjoy looking at the fire trucks more than he did, but there were so many other things to see that he didn't focus on the trucks for very long. He got to sit in one, but it was too high up for him to feel comfortable, and he wanted right down.

He really, really loved Sparky the fire dog, though. Sparky drives around in his own little fire truck and talks to the kids. (He's operated by a nearby person with a joystick controller and a microphone, so he can see the kids who are talking to Sparky and make personalized comments to them.) Landon followed Sparky all over the place and was heartbroken when Sparky had to go inside, probably to recharge his batteries.

Landon and I looked at the fire trucks on Sparky's website tonight, and he's been coloring one of his Sparky coloring sheets.

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