Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Leaves

Landon and I worked on a 2-day fall leaves project together.

1) Last night I mixed finger paint in red, yellow, and orange with the easy finger paint recipe from Creative Kids at Home. It's an okay recipe, but it's sort of like painting with pancake batter, and it's definitely watery. It dried fine, but next time I'll probably try one of the cooked recipe. Last night, though, it was close to bedtime, so I was in a hurry. I cut the recipe back to 3/4 c. each of water and flour, and I still had way more paint than we needed. I'm saving the leftovers in old baby food containers.

2) Landon used the paints to do finger painting on Melissa and Doug finger paint paper. We let the picture dry overnight.

3) Today I found leaf coloring pages online. I printed the Leaf Collage 2 picture, then cut out each leaf. I traced the leaves onto the back of Landon's painting and cut them out. (I'm saving the printed ones that I used as stencils for some future project. Maybe we'll color them or sprinkle glitter on them.)

4) Together we glued one leaf onto cardstock to make a card.

5) I taped ribbon to the other four to make a leaf chain that we hung up in the dining room. I happened to have cute leaf ribbon, but any ribbon, yarn, etc., would do the trick.

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AlisonM said...

Hey--I recognize that card!