Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Pumpkin Stamping

Today we tried stamping with the little gourd-type pumpkin we got at the orchard a few weeks ago. Landon dipped the bottom of the pumpkin into orange tempera paint, then stamped it on paper. It worked really well, plus the paint rinsed right off the pumpkin, so he can still play with it (he's quite attached to it). An older child could also try putting the side of the pumpkin in the paint, too, then rolling it along the paper.


AlisonM said...

Do my eyes deceive me or did you originally put the orange paint on the plate in a heart shape?

Meghan said...

Nah, that's just the shape that the paint ended up in after we rubbed the pumpkin around in it a bit to pick up the color.:)