Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Parade

Happy Labor Day! We took Landon to a parade this morning. It was certainly big, but I preferred the little Fourth of July parade we went to a few months ago. At today's parade, the crowds drove me a little nuts. It was hard to see anything, even though we were right on the curb. Everyone else stood about five feet out into the street, so they were very nearly getting run over by the vehicles in the parade.

Nonetheless, Landon got to see two marching bands and lots and lots of rescue vehicles. Also, he was hoping for a sucker. The ONE piece of candy that landed near us was thankfully a sucker (everything else went to the hordes of people standing in the middle of the road).

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Aaron and Jessica said...

Did you see my dad in the parade? He was in a golf cart. Did you know that he is on the city council now? Crazy!